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You've heard how oil and water, don't mix? Well, here's another one for you – water and your building's contents, don't mix, either. When water emergencies happen, destruction starts fast. That's why Boston Carpet Cleaners offers our water damage restoration service to Boston, MA. area residential and commercial clients. We leave for your location almost immediately after being called, and start the process of removing the water, and repairing the damage, that it has caused.

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Carpet Cleaning of Boston has been providing professional, round the clock, water restoration services since 2003. Our water removal and restoration technicians are highly trained and very safety conscious. We work hard to return your damaged property back to pre-disaster condition, and we provide the following services:

  • 24-hour water damage emergency service
  • Near immediate response times, when notified of water damage
  • Securing and safeguarding your residential or commercial property, and it's contents
  • Removal of standing water
  • Mold and mildew detection and remediation
  • Expedited drying with high-powered fans
  • Complete water damage assessment and documentation
  • Restoration and reconstruction services
  • Direct billing of services to insurance companies

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Q: Why do you stress fast response times? Isn't the water damage already done by the time you get here?

A: Boston Carpet Cleaners responds quickly to water damage calls. Our technicians know that the longer that your property has continued exposure to standing water, that the worse the damage becomes. Water itself is a destabilizer and it breaks down matter, the longer that it has exposure to it. This is why we soak our pots and pans for an hour or two before washing – water dissolves material.

If your property is affected by a water emergency, don't hesitate – call on Boston Carpet Cleaners at once, for professional restoration work done right!

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