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One of the most frustrating cleaning jobs in anyone's book has to be scrubbing tile and grout. Why is this? If it were so easy to clean, then homes and business establishments would all have clean tile floors, counter-tops, and bath areas. Yet, getting really clean tile and grout seems to be difficult – until now. Boston Carpet Cleaning offers affordable and professional service for your tile and grout that will get it showroom clean looking, feeling, and smelling.

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Most people find that cleaning tile is easy. This is because ceramic tile is glazed and therefore sealed against grime and surface pollutants. The adjoining grout on the other hand SHOULD  be sealed at installation. If it is not, its porous nature will begin to absorb anything it comes into contact with, like coffee, juice, blood, urine, grease, cooking vapors, detergents, soaps, harsh cleansers, dust, and other unsavory items that spill, or fall onto it.Carpet Cleaning Boston

If the grout was initially sealed, and has since worn off, then this has the exact same effect as if it was never sealed, at all. Unlike tile, the more you scrub unsealed grout, the blacker and grimier it becomes. So all of that toothbrush scrubbing is really for nothing!

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Q: How then, does your company manage to get my tile and grout looking so clean?

A: Boston Carpet Cleaning first thoroughly cleans your tile and grout using gentle but effective cleansers, and specialized methods that have worked for us for over a decade. We then apply a new sealant to your grout that will protect it, and seal it off from future grime build up. Cleanings like this result in not only clean and fresh tile and grout, but also reduced cleaning work and expense for you, as you will be able to maintain your clean surfaces longer, and with fewer visits from us.

So stop fighting with your grout lines and call Boston Carpet Cleaners instead. We are affordable, we do a great job on your tiles, and we are pretty nice to get to know, too!

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arpet Cleaning Boston
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