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Carpet Cleaners of Boston cleans residential and commercial carpets like few can, but did you know that we also clean rugs, as well? Our highly trained rug technicians are experts at getting all kinds rugs cleaned and properly cared for. Whether your rugs are simple household carpet sections that your furniture rests on, or expensive Oriental rugs that are investment-grade quality, our professional rug cleaning service is all that is needed to get them clean and long lasting.

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Q: Is your rug cleaning safe for my rugs? I don't want rug damage or stains from your attempts to treat them.

A: Not to worry! Here at Boston Carpet Cleaning, we treat each piece on an individual basis. We carefully test each rug piece before actual treatment to ensure its total and complete safety. We use a combination of gentle cleansers, hand washing, state-of-the tools, and cleaning methods. At no time are your rugs in danger of staining, or being damaged, with our specialized methods.

Q: I have some rugs, but they are not investment-grade quality. Can Carpet Cleaning of Birmingham still clean them without charging me the same rates that the expensive rugs, demand?

A: Of course! Even our cleaning and treatment of fine rugs is not expensive. For more common household rugs, we will charge a fee that matches your rug's materials and quality.

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Carpet Cleaners in Boston can provide expert cleaning and care for all of your residential, or commercial rugs, including:

  • Oriental rugs
  • Fine tapestries
  • Wall hangings
  • Investment-grade rugs
  • Area rugs
  • Bathroom and dining room rugs
  • Living room and family room rugs

As you know, rugs come in all sizes, shapes, and materials. With proper cleaning and care, they can last for decades and generations. Be sure to call on Boston Carpet Cleaners, for more information. You will be pleasantly surprised at our affordable rates, and you will love the results of our cleanings!

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